Stutter / Stammering

Mirrors provide visual feedback. Most children with articulation problem do not know how to move their mouth to form sounds accurately. Speaking in front of a mirror helps a child watch how they move their mouth when making that particular sound. \n\n Stand in front of the mirror and produce each sound for your child. Then, help them discern the differences through the mirror.

This game makes your child repeat the word nine times. Start with the words you want your kid to practice.

Draw hopscotch with 1-9 numbers and ask the child to utter the word each time they hop on a number. Once they complete hopping up to 9, change the word and let them hop again, this time with the new word.

Take a ball and throw it back and forth. Play catch with your kid as they practice their words. This way they are doing two exercises at a time.

If you are walking somewhere with your kid, have them take one step ahead for every correct repetition. You may try this when you are in a park or entering your house.

Teach your child to blow bubbles

Make your child try the harmonica

Lip Exercises

Tongue & Cheek Exercises