Otomycosis (Ear Fungus)

Causes & Risk factors

  • Otomycosis is more common in tropical and warm regions because fungi can grow better in these areas.

  • More common during the summer months.

  • People who swim are more likely to get otomycosis.

  • People who have weakened immune systems, trauma or injuries in the ear, or other chronic skin problems are at a higher risk of getting this type of infection.

Prevention of Otomycosis

  1. Avoid getting water in your ears while swimming / bathing.

  2. Dry your ears after showering.

  3. Occasionally a hair dryer can be used to blow dry the ear (care to be taken)

  4. Avoid putting cotton in your ears.

  5. Avoid scratching the skin outside and inside your ears eg. Ear buds, keys, tooth picks, finger nails etc. as this may cause skin abrasions and make it easier for a fungus to invade the eroded area.

  6. Avoid putting objects in your ear

  7. Use prescribed ear drops if water gets in your ears.