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ENTina - Lotus Hospital ENT Specialist consult - Apps on Google PlayApp for Online Consultation with ENT Specialists, Lotus ENT Hospital Mumbai Nothing can replace a doctor. Nothing... But Artificial Intelligence is smart enough to help you & help your doctor. This app gets the significant information out of you to give you an accurate diagnosis & tells you the treatment you will require. Its your pocket diagnostician. When you have an ENT problem, searching symptoms online can be frustrating and overwhelming. ENTina is a platform developed to help you get answers easier. By using artificial intelligence, we have developed technology capable of accurately diagnosing you. We provide you with a list of possible conditions to empower you to figure out what to do next. • Ear, Nose & Throat complaints Tell ENTina how you're feeling ENTina asks simple, relevant questions and compares your answers to thousands of similar cases to help you find possible explanations for your symptoms. Find out what could be wrong ENTina’s core system connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology. ENTina shares patient-friendly medical information created to help you better understand and manage your health. Get trustworthy guidance for next steps After your assessment, ENTina will suggest what you could do next. This may include a visit to a doctor, specialist, or to seek emergency care. The ENTina Report for your doctor Send the ENTina Report to your doctor, so the next time you visit your doctor, its with a full clinical evaluation already done & in your pocket. Keep your data secure ENTina doesn't collect/ share your data unless you ask it to do so. • Snoring Questionnaire to differentiate between snoring & sleep apnea Snoring Audio analysis - a specially designed complex software powered by Artificial Intelligence to identify the type of snoring, periods of apnoea, length of inspiration & expiration & the anatomical area involved during the snoring. No other app can provide such a thorough evaluation of snoring & sleep apnea. • Vertigo Helps you find the cause of your vertigo & send a complete report to your doctor for further evaluation & treatment. • Nose shapes There is no single perfect nose, but every face has a nose which is perfect for it. ENTina helps you find the dimensions of the nose which is perfect for your face. • Alternate Medications This is a free service that requires the Internet. It only provides you with alternatives of ENT medications prescribed by your doctor if they are not available at the chemist. Please take these alternatives only after asking your doctor. ENTina strongly condemns self medication.
iSnore - Apps on Google PlayAre you a snorer? Do you want to put yourself on silent mode when you sleep? Then this app is for you... Apart from being socially embarrassing & a nuisance for your partner, snoring can also adversely affect your brain, heart & your life. Snoring can broadly be categorized into 2 types, medically dangerous or sleep apnoea or not medically dangerous. It is very important to identify if your snoring is a health risk.. That’s where these questionnaires come in. These are a set of 4 internationally standardized & defined scores based on extensive research which help differentiate between sleep apnoea & plain snoring. It is very important to answer each question as sincerely as possible. It is also important to note that even if 1 test out of 4 shows a positive result, it is advisable to take your snoring seriously The ‘My results’ section provides all your test results in a single page with an interpretation which you can share with your doctor with the click of a button by whatsapp, email or any other messaging service. So the next time you visit your doctor, its with a full clinical evaluation already done & in your pocket. The ‘treatment’ section makes you aware of all the latest advancements in the treatment of both sleep apnea & snoring. There are also mouth exercises that have been scientifically proven to reduce snoring. The ‘record my snore’ section allows your relative to video record you while you are snoring so that it can be analyzed later with a specialized software. No other app can provide such a thorough evaluation of snoring & sleep apnoea. This app has been made by Dr. Rohan S. Navelkar.
Amol Autism Buddy (Marathi) - Apps on Google PlayAmol - Autism Buddy is the brainchild of Dr. Vidya Rokade, Founder-President of Anmol Charitable Foundation & developed with the help of Dr. Rohan S. Navelkar. With this concept, we will develp many more apps according to the need & based on the feedback we receive. Please feel free to send your suggestions & constructive criticism to It is a fully-featured speech/communication solution in marathi for people who have difficulty communicating as a result of autism. This is an application for parents whose kids are suffering from Autism. This application enables the parents to help the kid with their day to day needs of doing basic tasks like taking a shower, drinking water & recognizing objects. The application has audio options to help the kids better. Features include: Visual Contact - The application displays basic day to day items that help the kids recognize basic objects. Stay in place -Since we are using technology, which is our constant medium of interaction with the kids, this helps the kid to learn in a more dynamic way as compared to interaction with humans which are unpredictable. Express intentions -The following feature is a communication tool that helps the kid to express all his ideas and thoughts to the parent in order to connect with them closely. The tool has a wide spectrum of emotions as well as communication symbols. The tool also lets you save the interactions that are to be used on daily basis. This makes connecting with the kid easier